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Relationship / Trauma / Anxiety / Identity & Self Esteem Issues /

Life Adjustment Communication


I meet you exactly where you are in your world. So, I leverage technology using a more than HIPPA secured platform for online real-time E-Video session, Instant Chat sessions, Virtual Journal sessions, and I also provide in-person sessions. 

I talk with you, help you gain insight into how your life experiences have made you who you are today. Often, we unknowingly respond and perceive events based on past experiences. These experiences or programming not only creates a blueprint for who we choose and how we behave in our intimate relationships, but also determines our ability to cope with stress and deal with painful emotions throughout our lifetime. I work with each individual to untangle the past from the present and come into a richer, more fulfilling life.


We use innovative, current options for today's busy world.  We provide a variety of venues to help to seek insight & understanding from your world, in your space, on your time, with your terms.


See, life doesn't happen in a bubble.  For that reason, four walls should not define how people work through real life challenges. We help you to focus, pull it in, learn who you are, what you want to do, & fully live in this world. We do this through "walk & talk" therapy, Coffee Chats, online sessions, and through virtual journal exchanges. All venues are professionally and ethically used to best meet your needs and achieve your goals.


Benefits of Online Counseling Online or E-Therapy:


  • Convenient-Scheduling and conducting a session from home or anywhere as long as there is wireless internet service.

  • Flexible Scheduling Options- Choose secured Video, Journal, or Chat.

  • People with Disabilities including mobility issues, now have a solution that may work better for them.

  • No Commute or Traffic to fight.

  • No worry about trying to take leave, sick or vacation time to attend therapy.

  • Anonymity- We will know who you are and we verify your identity, text- based psychotherapy via e-venues provides a sense of anonymity that therapy in a traditional setting may not.  Text-based Psychotherapy allows for a sense of easier disclosure.


​These are just some of the benefits of online counseling or e-therapy. A person who may not normally seek therapy will because they have a greater ease in scheduling and the ability to conduct sessions from home or just about anywhere. Anyone with disabilities including mobility issues, online counseling can be a perfect solution. Anyone who travels a lot or lives in a rural community may find online counseling a new resource for them. New technology can provide people with greater freedom and choice. All in the comfort of your space provided through safe, secured, and ethical means.

Counseling |ˈkouns(ə)liNG| 

noun: the provision of assistance and guidance in resolving personal, social, or psychological problems and difficulties.

Active Strength-based Therapy

Psychosocial | TF-CBT | CBT


Online Distance Consultations

Interactive Journal Dialogues

Dr. Jude Black, Counseling
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Feeling stuck?  Are you tangled up in a dam of stuff? Is life flowing right past you?  I can help you get unstuck from the thoughts, feelings, & behaviors that are holding you back from truly experiencing joy right now.  I walk with you to untangle the debris, clear the stream, rebuild your boat, point it in the right direction, and break free of the junk that is keeping you stuck.  I focus on your innate strength, resources, and coping skills to ensure that you have the tools to navigate your current. Insight is encouraged, along with self-reflection, & mindfulness. I help equip you with your unique arsenal to help eradicate dams and keep you flowing. My goal is to ease you back into your current and experience life to the fullest.

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Life is supposed to be a nice, neat, tidy package tied with a pretty bow. Yea, right. Not so much. It's messy. The currents get rough. The winds blow. The temperatures dip. And many times, we forget our sunscreen. It isn't hopeless. Never is it hopeless.  We just need to do a reset, reflect, refocus, readjust, & reengage to start thriving where we are.  With me, you are free to look at where you came from, where you are now, and where you want to go.  


I get it. Life is a busy, constant balancing act. People are less connected to family, friends, and other relationships. This world rarely gives you a chance to explore your past, where you are now, and where you want to be. My flexibility and innovative options allow you to safely and conveniently work through issues & build resiliency on your terms.


I help you to focus, pull it in, learn who you are, what you want to do, and how to fully live in this world.  We do this through "walk & talk" therapy, Coffee Chats, online counseling sessions, and through virtual journal exchanges.  We are an active, tech centered world.  Why should "cleaning" up be anything less?  I use all venues professionally and ethically to best meet your needs.

Dr. Jude Black, Expert Counseling


YOUR Authentic Self.


To discover your authentic self, you have to understand your values, what you stand for, and HOW you thrive in this world

We have to look at our "selves". 


We all have "Hot Mess" and "Authentic" selves. Our "Hot Mess" self gets caught up in other people's vision of what we "should" be, craves other's approval, and lives in the dark.  Hot Mess self is a shell who wears a mask. Hot Mess is uncomfortable, judgmental, & unsettled within.  We often spend a lot of time cleaning up after Hot Mess. 


Authentic self lives in truth, transparency, and honesty. Authentic self creates light. Is self-aware. Rooted in values. Lives in the moment. Draws energy from within. Stands strong in the life principles that drive their very being. Finds peace in the midst of chaos.  


Being authentic means being fully present, reflecting on the past, considering the future~ but honestly and intentionally living in the here & now. You become solid. Connected. Real. Intentional. Present. All the pressures and stressors that once held you captive are freed. You start living, take your life back, and regain control.

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