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Hey Jude

Go ahead. Ask me.  I finally stopped running from who I am and what I do, I've learned the hard way to live in the moment.  People talk to me.  They talk more when I'm out and about, relaxed and functioning from my authentic self.  See,  I am the one who runs into the "Big Orange Store" for a lightbulb and leaves knowing the entire life history of the cashier.  I go shoe shopping, then stop & sit with a young woman who "lost herself" (true story, and no, no shoes).  I go on vacation, and end up hanging out with a veteran, hearing his story because this guy matters!  I just find myself surrounded by people who simply need to be "heard".  So, I listen. 

I believe we all have stories and healing comes from telling them.  I am real, I am honest, I've skinned my knees and got back up.  I have scars, some still hurt, others are reminders of experiences I managed to get through. I like my scars.  I've spent my life trying to box myself into being someone everyone else thought I should be. It almost broke me.  No. I won't be boxed in.  I am me, unique, and I navigate through life's mess with flailing grace. We were never meant to do life alone. That's what this forum is for.  Bringing us together and sorting through the junk.  Ready. Set. Go. 

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