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Dr. Jude Black Matters.

Changing & Inspiring Lives. One Session at a Time.

From public motivational speaking to Toxic Leadership discussions at the Pentagon, to life coaching and navigating the messy things life throws at us, hear what Dr. Jude Black's clients have to say: 


"Jude has been a shoulder to cry on when I needed it most, but most importantly someone who I trust would provide a new and fresh perspective on the hardest issues I've ever faced. As I'm transitioning into a new and happier moment of my life, I look back and can only thank God for having put Jude's thoughtfulness, suport, and guidance in my life at just the right time."

"Jude is amazing! She makes me love therapy, I've always been afraid to reach out, but I'm so glad I got to experience my first session with her. I can tell she genuinely cares as she really takes the time and effort to go over my diary entries and leave a thoughtful reply. I have yet to try Telehealth Sessions, but I shall soon. I came on here feeling very uncertain and unhappy, but Jude was able to turn that around and give me a new perspective. I've learned to live more mindfully which eases all the weight that life like to throw at you. She introduced me to techniques that taught me how to become a more joyful person. She continues to use all that I've gained to guide me through my rocky roads. She's truly been a blessing. I am beyond grateful!"

"Dr. Jude has helped my family heal. We are talking, laughing, and connecting like we never did before. I am so grateful for the support, guidance, understanding, and laughter."

"She instantly exudes a warm, upbeat, and gentle energy and offers a constructive balance of intent listening and honest feedback. These qualities made opening up and being real with Jude easier as a new client. There is also something very relaxing and almost intimate about being able to talk 'face-to-face' with a new therapist from the comfort and privacy of your own home. The  convenience can't be beat.  I found the online scheduling system easy and empowering to use: book whenever you think of it and choose from packages and available appointments that suit your needs at any given time. Highly recommend!"

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